Richard Buckanavage

Chief Investment Officer
Richard Buckanavage
  • Prior to joining Assurance Capital, Richard Buckanavage was co-founder of Harvest Capital Credit Corporation (“Harvest”), a publicly traded investment firm (NASDAQ: HCAP). Mr. Buckanavage was Harvest’s President and was a member of its investment committee and board of directors. Harvest provided senior and mezzanine debt, as well as equity capital in buyout and growth financing transactions. While at Harvest, Mr. Buckanavage was on the board of two portfolio companies and maintained board observation positions at seven other companies.
  • Co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, of Patriot Capital Funding, Inc. (“Patriot”), a publicly traded investment form (NASDAQ: PCAP). Mr. Buckanavage was a member of its investment committee and was one of its board of directors. Patriot provided senior and mezzanine debt to lower middle market companies primarily in buyout and growth financing transactions.
  • Prior to establishing Patriot, he held several senior positions with GE Capital Corporation between 1999 and 2003, most recently as a managing director and head of debt capital markets, where he was responsible for domestic debt syndication and private placement activities supporting GE’s Global Sponsor Finance and Commercial Finance business units.
  • Mr. Buckanavage’s prior experience also includes the role of Senior Vice President and Midwest Region Manager at Creditanstalt Corporate Finance, Inc., or CCFI. During that time, he was also a senior investment officer at Creditanstalt Small Business Investment Corporation, CCFI’s private equity group that originated and managed a portfolio of non-control equity investments.
  • He has also held business development and portfolio management roles in the leveraged finance groups at Bank of America and Fleet Bank and its predecessors and completed Bank of America’s credit training program in 1992.
  • Mr. Buckanavage received a B.S. degree in finance from Central Connecticut University and an M.B.A. with a concentration in finance from Syracuse University.
  • Mr. Buckanavage earned a Six Sigma Quality Black Belt/Lean Manufacturing certification during his tenure at GE Capital.

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