Assurance Mezz Completes Investment in L Tech Network Services, Inc.

By Assurance Capital Fund
May 31, 2019

Assurance Mezzanine Fund (“Assurance”) Is pleased to announce its latest investment in Santa Fe Springs, CA-based L Tech Network Services, Inc. (“L Tech”). Assurance partnered with the sponsor (JK Holdings, LLC) in order to provide mezzanine financing for the acquisition of L Tech.

For the past 25 years, L Tech Network Services, Inc. (“L Tech”) has been a premier installation specialist of all types of low voltage cables including copper, fiber optic and coaxial. L Tech also provides AutoCAD-updated floor plans showing cable pathways, termination points and other relevant information along with complete testing reports for each cable/strand. Assurance partnered with the sponsors (JK Holdings, LLC.) in connection with the acquisition of L Tech.

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